Mr. Matthew

  • BA Degree in Human Kinetics, Ergonomics and Psychology
  • Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Qualified Teacher)
  • Qualified English Teacher through Global Teacher training
A qualified Teacher in Natural Science, Geography and English. Matthew has degrees in Psychology Human Kinetics & Ergonomics. He is passionate about enhancing human performance both physically and mentally and this extends to his teaching style. He has been surrounded by education throughout his life, being raised by a family full of teachers and his life’s motto is “The will to work comes from knowing there’s delayed gratification once you’ve succeeded.” He has carried this desire for knowledge and success throughout his life and it has shaped the teacher he is today.
Matthew believes there is no such thing as failure in life but only feedback, as this allows people to learn and grow from their mistakes. He has worked as a sports coach and personal trainer for 4 years he has experience in improving human functionality. Matt enjoys sharing knowledge about life skills to his students. He believes that true education is motivating students to learn beyond the restrictions of conventional education and be inspired to question, think creatively, enhance their critical thinking skills and ultimately expand the perspective of the students that he teaches.

Mr. George

  • Masters of Science in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice.
  • Bachelors of Science in Applied Zoology. 
  • Foundation Degree in Wildlife Education and Media.
  • Founder of Planet Carnivore.
Mr. George is the founder of the recently established not-for-profit organisation: Planet Carnivore. Planet Carnivore looks for innovative ways to highlight wildlife conservation issues to the general public and find solutions to reduce human and wildlife conflict. Mr. George has been fortunate enough to work on a variety of conservation projects in Costa Rica, Thailand, South Africa and his native country, United Kingdom. He is passionate about conveying how to live in environmentally friendly ways through living sustainably and making eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Mr. George loves conveying the wonders of the natural world to others and firmly believes that every generation has a key role to play in ensuring the wonders of the natural world we see before us today are still present and admired by future generations.
By sharing the wonders of African Wildlife, Mr. George hopes to not just highlight the outstanding biodiversity that can be found on the continent, but also environmental issues affecting wildlife around the world and how we, global citizens, can all help to mitigate these issues. By encouraging people to think innovatively and outside the box, George wants to inspire others to think of new and innovative solutions to solving conservation issues!

Mr. Nicholas

  • Bachelor of Art in East Asian Languages and Literatures (University of Florida)
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance (University of Florida) 
  • Certificate in Sustainable Architectural Design (University of California, Berkeley) 
  • Certificate in Chinese Language, Culture, Policy, & Business (Fudan University)
Nicholas is a native American. He has been teaching English language, creative writing, History, Sciences etc. for the past 10 years to Chinese students in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and the USA.
It is with great zeal that Nicholas teaches his students, *discovering within them their individual passions* to spark and focus their minds toward achieving their intellectual pursuits. He aims to sharpen the critical thinking skills of each and every one of his students and *push them to achieve a significant level of mastery*, developing a powerful mind for humanity.
He is now a teacher in Hong Kong, mainly teaching exam prep. including British Boarding School entrance examinations, and mentoring students subjects like History, Creative Writing & Science. His pupils have achieved near perfect marks in their international schools as well as become adept writers and critical thinkers.
While in Shenzhen, He worked at British English to develop English Literature curriculum for boarding school students studying in the USA and Britain.
Previous to Shenzhen, He worked in a number of schools and institutions, teaching a combined total of 80+ students within a span of 6 years. During this time, He had *4 core students under his tutelage for 5 years*, each student *becoming 1st in their respective international English classes*, and by the age of 14, his top students achieved 96+% TOEFL scores and a 1510 SAT as well as gained entrance to Shanghai’s #1 Foreign Language School – Starriver.

Ms. Joy

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics
  • Masters of Arts in Modern Asian Studies 
  • Trainer in schools’ public speaking & Speech Festival
Ms. Joy is an all-round teacher with a Bachelor degree in Physics and a Master’s in the field of Political Science. Her background helps her become an excellent teacher in STEAM, where both sciences & humanities cross paths. She is experienced & has deep insights in teaching children as young as 5 years old to junior secondary. Ms. Joy has realized the shortcomings of the education system in Hong Kong and has made it her main aim to broaden her students’ horizons and encourage them to think critically and creatively.
She has a glowing interest in sciences & theatre art, and has been teaching a range of subjects from Space science courses to public speaking and drama. Having taught in various classroom settings, Ms Joy believes that no student should be left behind in their education journey. Thus, she strives to make her classes inclusive by understanding her students’ academic needs and accommodating their different learning abilities in her lessons.

Ms. Kimran

  • Integrated Masters in Physics with Astrophysics (the University of Leicester, UK)
  • Current PhD researcher in Astrophysics (Warwick University, UK)
  • Curator at National Space Centre, UK
A good teacher teaches, while a great teacher inspires! How does an academician become a curator for astronomy & space outreach communicator? It all started with Kimran’s personal poor experience growing up. During her college days where she wanted to go far with astronomy but her class had no teacher for half a year. Then her cover teachers weren’t properly educated. As a result her class really suffered, and the school did very little to help. This drives her motivation to ensure no other student goes through a similar experience, such as what she went through. 
She has also had a lot of instances where teachers have assumed a lot of knowledge while teaching. That way children sometimes can fall more behind if they are not taught the basic fundamental skills. Kimran’s approach always starts at the base level and builds upwards, testing at each step to ensure everyone has grasped the content. Only then do complex ideas get introduced. She is a firm believer that STEAM is a perfect way for students to gain a strong foundation of knowledge and lateral thinking mindset.


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